PacificXanh is a partnership between PGiang & Partners of New York and John A. Hendry Real Estate Consulting, based in Vancouver, Canada.


PacificXanh was formed to identify and pursue real estate development opportunities in Viet Nam.

Our partnership is born of a common understanding of the things that make places special.

We believe in the importance and value of sensitive natural environments, respect for the cultural underpinning of place and economic sustainability.

We intend to create places that reflect and reinforce these values.


In March and September 2010, we visited Viet Nam to pursue development opportunities.  For John, these were his first visits to the country. For Philip, these were two of the many trips that he has made there since he left the home of his birth in 1979.

This Blog records our impressions while in Vietnam and our more considered thoughts as we pursue the opportunities that we have discovered in this fascinating country.

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